i-record is the innovative solution to configure record doors. With the help of a dongle, called WiDI (Wireless Door Interface), which is attached to the door, the authorized technician can connect to the door via Bluetooth® using a i-record Android app. With just a few clicks, the door can be put into operation, parameters and sensors can be configured, software can be updated and an error analysis and troubleshooting can be carried out.

On this website you will find information and help about i-record. It describes the functionality of i-record, the individual components and problem solutions. In addition, under support you can find, the release notes for the app, the minimum requirements for the mobile device and much more useful information.

Door Systems Supported

The following door systems are supported by i-record:

  • System 20 sliding and folding doors
  • DFA 127 swing doors (software version >= 2.0)
  • KST 200 revolving doors
  • SPEEDCORD rapid shutter doors


  • New release V2.3.0 of the i-record App on 25.10.2023, see release notes