How to get started

Basic Requirements

To work with i-record the following requirements must be met:

  • An active license pool with valid, stored payment data.
  • The user, with valid account on the country website, must have been added to the license pool and verified.
  • At least one WiDI (with 4-digit alphanumeric serial number) must have been added to the license pool and verified.
  • A mobile device/tablet with Android operating system (minimum requirements) and i-record app installed.

The i-record app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed on the mobile device.

More technical information about i-record can be found here.


Application for a license pool

If an organisation/company wants to use i-record for the configuration and maintenance of record doors, a license pool must first be applied for at the record country organisation. This can be done either via the own web account on the respective country website or by calling the country company directly.

More information about applying for a license pool can be found here.


Purchase of a WiDI

A WiDI (Wireless Door Interface) is required as an interface to the record door system. If the WiDI is plugged into the door controller, the door can be accessed via Bluetooth® using the freely available i-record app. WiDI sharing is possible within a licence pool. However, for optimum flexibility, one WiDI per user is recommended.

Article number Name Remark
102-902401000 Configuration tool i-record WiDI, CAN cable and bag
102-902813766 CAN cable for WiDI, L = 180 mm CAN cable only
102-902401003 Global ID labels 1 roll has 250 labels. However, the number of labels must be ordered, not the number of rolls! I.e. with 6 rolls this corresponds to a quantity of 1500 pieces (6 * 250 labels).

For further information and WiDI orders, please contact your record sales partner.



i-record App

The i-record App is available for Android for free in the Google Play Store.

More information about the i-record app can be found here.