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swing door drives

The record DFA 127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. It features sophisticated technology, compact design and incredible record-typical smoothness of operation. Our constructive approach to a broad range of applications makes it a full door drive suitable for a wide range of different applications.

The record record DFA 127 FULL POWER is the powerhouse in the family of record swing door operators. Its adjustable spring force gives it great versatility, and can be adjusted on the spot, enabling a range of door sizes from EN4 to EN6 to be used. This enhances its flexibility, enabling it to take additional customer-specific settings. Its sophisticated technology is under the auspices of the record control, enabling complex functions with optimum power deployment in the entire swing area.

The record record DFA 127 FIRE is approved for use as a smoke and fire protection door. In case of fire, a signal from the smoke and heat detector or fire alarm system triggers immediate closing of the passage. Closing takes place by spring force. The record SFR 127’s mechanical sequential control also enables double leaf fire doors to be used.

The record DFA 127 INVERSE enables doors to open securely and reliably, even without a power supply. During the motor-driven closing cycle, the energy required for opening is mechanically stored using a spring. Should smoke start to fill the building, the independent smoke and heat venting system controls the drive, and the INVERSE opens reliably, even during power failures. The door can therefore be used to allow fresh air to circulate inside buildings, or to vent smoke and heat.

The record DFA 127 LOW ENERGY is the ideal drive for environments where people move only slowly and have limited reaction capacity, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Kinetic energy is limited to 1.69 joules, which means the safety of people in the swing area, even in the absence of additional security sensors, is not compromised.

A well-maintained principle in developing our products is how extremely quiet they are during operation. The prime example of this is the record DFA 127 designed for the automation of swing doors, that is virtually silent even when being utilised fully. With the underfloor installation option now on offer, noise levels are reduced even further whereby the door can no longer be heard moving.

For swing door drives, record provides two under floor designs, the C 90 SU and C 127 models. The former was specially designed for doors up to 600 kilos. The built-in stainless steel housing also has integrated floor bearings. The drive unit consists of an electro-mechanical system with high performance gears and low noise power transmission. In case of power failure, an option is emergency opening, while door leaves can be moved without effort should the power failure continue for longer than expected.

The record CLEAN D ST is a hinged swing door system made entirely from stainless steel with no visible joints. This makes the door easily cleanable and suitable for rooms where a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required. Being manufactured completely from stainless steel means the doors provide practical functionality, modern design and attractive finish as well as an easy clean surface.