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record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 – effective burglar resistance with efficient, energy-saving properties

record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 is the ideal entrance door for your retail store, hotel or office building. You will receive effective burglar resistance in combination with efficient, energy-saving properties, which reduce your heating and air-conditioning costs.

The record THERMCORD is particularly suitable for break-in protection, since the door frames are designed to be extremely strong to ensure thermal separation. Two intertwined, V-shaped profiles ensure a level of sturdiness that provides immense resistance to attacks by burglars. Moreover, because these two V-profiles do not touch each other at any point inside the door, any heat exchange between the inside and outside of the door system is prevented. This property reduces heating costs by eliminating any hidden, permanent outflow of heat. The opposite also applies – heat is prevented from entering, thereby preventing indoor air at lower temperatures produced by costly air-conditioning from escaping.


  • Burglar resistance class RC 2 / RC 3 according to EN 1627 for increased safety requirements
  • A thermally separated door frame prevents any heat exchange between the inside and the outside of the building
  • Class P5A break-in resistant safety glass in accordance with EN 356
  • UD value up to 1.5 W / m² K according to EN 16 361
  • Innovative sealing system for increased airtightness (optional)
  • Electronic multipoint locking system for easy locking at the push of a button as standard
  • The standard drive, which has proved its worth hundreds of thousands of times
  • Low maintenance costs